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Full Version: Hasbro's "Misprinted" Packaging (Metal Saga)
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So, i bought a Hasbro's Rock Scorpio a few weeks ago, and when it arrived today i noticed that it actually had a packaging of Poison Serpent (this was present in original listing on Aliexpress, i just didn't noticed that at first). Initially, i thought this had been done on purpose, but upon examining the packaging myself that doesn't seem to be the case, the packaging is damaged but it doesn't appear it was even open, so i guess it must have been printed (or misprinted should i say) this way, the package also lacks the WBBA seal.

[Image: 86C7BIy.jpg]

The same seller also has 2 other Hasbro Beyblades with Misprinted Packaging up to sale, a "Nightmare Rex" box that comes with a Cyclone Rex instead (with a Cetus face bolt) and a Galaxy Pegasus code card, and a "Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Stamina" box that comes with a Rock Gil CH120RF (and a Scorpio face bolt) and Evil Befall code card instead. Unlike the Rock Scorpio/Poison Serpent, These packages actually appear to have a WBBA foil seal. 
[Image: 0ZulnpD.png][Image: kw7q6aX.png]

I guess these aren't really "misprints", more like Hasbro just putted the wrong Beyblades in the wrong boxes, but it got me curious on how much of a common/uncommon thing these really were, anyone else here ever came across other Beys/boxes like these? And please share if you have any other info about it, because haven't really seem people talking about these "misprints" anywhere.
Box misprints are not common - this particular seller's stock has included factory rejects from Hasbro. I myself have received factory reject cards with some of my purchases from them.

It is also entirely possible these are just resealed. It is not hard to do with this kind of packaging, as seen here: