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Full Version: The Circuit: Raleigh, NC
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The Circuit

The Circuit is a series of Beyblade tournaments hosted by Four-Gaming and affiliate organizers in various states throughout North America. Seasons run from August-April. Tournaments are structured to draw out the most competitive Bladers. Bladers will compete for their chance to receive the respect of their area as a top competitor and an invitation to "The Circuit: Dark Continent". The top 4 Bladers in every The Circuit event will receive an invitation to "The Circuit: Dark Continent", where several skilled Bladers come together from various states and regions to claim the title of Legendary Blader and a $500 grand prize. Dark Continent will currently be held/located along the East Coast of the United States, ranging within and between states Maryland through Florida.. Those Bladers receiving the invitation must be willing to travel or they can pass down their invitation to eligible candidates. The location of Dark Continent will be announced at least 6 months before the start of the event. Practice hard and come out to compete for the respect of your region or destroy another regions pride 😎!!!


11:00-11:30 : Onsite registration

11:30-11:50 : Overview of tournament rules and announcements

12:00 : Prompt tournament start time


1st Place: $50 Visa Gift Card

2nd Place: 30% off Discount Code to Four-Gaming

3rd Place: 15% off Discount Code to Four-Gaming

Top 4 finalist will receive an invitation to The Circuit Dark Continent

24 player participant cap
This event has been approved.
cant wait to be here again!
Hello everyone, I apologize but I made a mistake on the initial date for this event. The correct date is October 9th, Sunday. I apologize for the mistake and any inconvenience. The official date is update on the tournament information page.
Looking forward to this =)
(Aug. 23, 2022  1:48 PM)Camick Wrote: [ -> ]Looking forward to this =)

It’ll be great to have you there bro 🙏🏾