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Full Version: Beyblade burst fusion(bladers kingdom)
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Yo what up so this is a story called bladers kingdom, a story about beyblades obviously and also fusion, this is a continuation of my friends fanfic beyblade burst fusion and idk if he posted it here but here we go so i hope u all enjoy

The following day Zac made it to bladers kingdom, and he went straight to the bladers tower. He then got blocked by ten guards, and they asked him for his ticket. Zac laughed and told the guards they wouldn't even be a warmup as he put his beyblade on the launcher and the next thing people nearby knew, the guards were flying backwards because the beyblade made such huge blasts of wind. The news suddenly ran up to him and asked Zac if he thought he could become number one. Zac told them that he would become number one and if anyone could stop him he would give up on beyblades. He then realized that there were at least five hundred bladers behind him, and they formed a line and asked to battle him. Zac laughed and told them he would take them all on at once and when they finally all got around a stadium the referee counted down, “three, two, one, let it rip”. A few seconds later four hundred and ninety nine beyblades are out of the stadium, leaving Zac and a very frail boy to battle.

 Zac started to congratulate the boy for surviving all the attacks, but then the boy interrupted by telling Zac how he did not get hit by them, he had dodged every single attack. Zac suddenly saw a flash of light hit his beyblade, pushing it toward the center, and when it got to the center it got hit over and over again. Zac told the boy he was an amazing blader but his time was up, and masterpiece pegasus leaned over, and the boys beyblade hit the metal ring on masterpieces middle, and a blade came out of the ring, shattering the boys beyblade into pieces.

The boy fell to the ground, unable to bear his defeat, but Zac walked up to him and told the boy how good he was. And the boy looked up and told Zac that if the blade didn't come out of the ring, he wouldn't have burst, and Zac instantly knew that the boy had an infinite burst lock beyblade. He told the boy to make his beyblade and to train more, and one day they would meet in the yearly tournament to see who's the number one blader. Zac then asked for the boy's name but the boy was already gone, most likely heading for the nearest repair shop. Zac then saw that his beyblade had stopped spinning upon impact with the super fast beyblade, and knew it was luck that had won him the battle. Zac then decided to rest for the day, and that ended his first day at bladers tower.
pretty interested in this, when are you making more?
Part two of bladers kingdom comes out rn and part three comes out by Saturday
The day after encountering the boy with the fastest beyblade, Zac decided to search for the person with the most powerful beyblade. As Zac walked around he felt as if someone was watching him. Suddenly the wind blew hard and leaves swirled around- and a mysterious figure appeared. The figure walked out and the leaves blew toward Zac with such force that he had to use all his strength to stay up. The figure then identified themselves as Heat, and he turned out to be the frail kid's uncle, and what's even more surprising is that he just started to use beyblades.

Heat asked Zac if he wanted to battle, but at first he refused, until he heard that when Heat battled for the first time against his nephew, he won easily. That piqued Zac’s interest and he immediately said yes. They walked to a stadium and when Zac and Heat did a bey check, the beyblade Heat had was light, but before the battle started ten muscular figures appeared and started yelling at Heat, telling him to pay up what he owes them.

Heat was shocked at first but then told them if they wanted to get paid, they had to beat his apprentice. Zac wondered who it could be while Heat continued to say they could all go at once against his apprentice. One of them asked who his apprentice was and Heat pointed to Zac, surprising him.

Zac started to yell at Heat but suddenly he put his launcher out and told the men to watch closely at the battle and see the difference between him and his apprentice. Zac, taking this as a challenge, also takes out his launcher, and when he takes out his bey, one of the men realizes who he is and gasps while telling the others that they stand no chance if he is Heats apprentice. Then out of nowhere a blader dj comes out and starts recording. Before the countdown, Heat steps back about 10 feet away. Then the bladers launch into the stadium, but suddenly Heats beyblade hits Zac's bey before either of them touch the stadium and bursts Zac's bey in an instant. Before Zac could even react though, Heats beyblade slammed into the wall and burst as well. But the battle was already over, and Heat had won.

Zac fell to his knees but Heat walked over to him and told Zac to become his apprentice for real now, and when he had mastered everything Heat could teach him, he will receive a very powerful gimmick blueprint that not even Heat himself was able to figure out to perfection. Zac thought about it and agreed, but only if he could see the blueprint first. Heat agreed to that compromise and they shook on it. But before they started training Zac asked how Heat had burst his bey so easily. Heat told Zac that the move he used was called final double strike, a move copied and edited from daigo’s deathsyther’s double strike, and his bey was final deathscyther. One of the blades hit Zac’s burst point and flew out to push it in and then the whole layer spun to burst the other beyblade. Zac, impressed with this, wanted to start training right away. But then when he asked how they would start training, Heat told him its time to go to the demon king