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Full Version: I WANNA LOSE!
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Out of the beys i have,make trash combos out of them so i can lose every battle!
I have lightning-x istros
Brave Valtryek V5
Wizard Fafnir F4
Geist Fafnir (TT,first TT i had,i dont have the proof frame)
Genesis Valtryek (pro series)
Ace Dragon (not TT)
Bushin Ashrinda 
Red Bushin Ashrinda (has a concrete worn driver that has insane stamina)
Victory Valtryek V2
Ogre (that one hated hypersphere beyblade that had an energy layer and no chip and just sucked)
Sword Valtryek
Cyclone Roktavor
Wrath Fafnir
Judgment Joker (TT,best TT I have,WHY IS IT SO GOOD!?)
Berserk Linwyrm 
All my beys!
choose my bad combo!
Take your wizard fafnir keep the metal disk (idk the name its got the big blue saw wheel thing that only likes to free spin one way) and replace the driver with the shortest one in your collection. That disk with scrape the stadium floor super hard even with a perfectly even launch and even if it doesnt the rubber on wiz faf makes it super easy to burst. You cant even do some gimmick launch like a 90 degree dread vertical cuz the rubber will grip the floor and roll straight into the wall