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Full Version: One Punch Man VS Superman 8-14-22
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Please be aware of the covid levels in our county and stay informed with current health guidelines. I recommend wearing a mask but it is not mandatory.     

                                          WA State Open Tournament

Attention all bladers! Join us as we play a new but familiar ranked format. This is an open event for bladers of any skill level! We will be at the beautiful Foster High School on the 14th of August.
The format is P3C1. You need 3 beyblades with no repeating parts to participate in this event. (Organizers and staff will not lend out parts or launchers)

Sponsored by

Format: Burst Standard, P3C1, Ranked
Participant Cap: None
Number of Takara Tomy Stadiums: 3 ( 4 extra for free play)

Stadium#1: Xorn23
Stadium#2: Plot Armor
Head Judge: Zektor


We will be under the canopy next to the baseball field. The high school has two large parking lots. Free bottles of water will be available. There is a restroom across the parking lot at the Tukwila Pool. (Please check the weather forecast before the event and prepare accordingly.)

  • There are limited tables and seats. I recommend bringing your own chair.

  •  1st Place: 20$ online gift card to the beyblade store of your choice.
  •  The top 4 players get invites to the invitational event next month.
  •  Free raffle for a beyblade t-shirt

Tournament Details

Check-in will begin at 12:30 PM. Please arrive by 12:55 PM to check-in. We are starting promptly at 1:05 PM . Be prepared for the tournament to last until around 3-4PM. Please bear with me, I will try to make this event run as smoothly/quickly as possible.

Estimated Event Schedule:

12:30 PM-12:55 PM: Check-In
12:55 PM-1:05 PM: Bracket Set Up/ Announcements
1:05 PM-2:30 PM: Event Starts/ Preliminary Rounds
02:30 PM-03:30 PM: Top 8/ Finals
03:30 PM-03:35 PM: Top 4 Photo/ Event Ends

(the event may end earlier or later depending on the amount of players we have)
This event has been approved.
Dang it, I really wish I could come but something important for me and my family is happening that day and I won't be able to make it :*( . I hope you all have fun and I hope this event goes as planned.
noooo i cant make it i have my bday party on than day and we have been planinng it for a month.But i hope you guys have fun
I'm hoping I'll make it on the 14th, but I'll let you know if I do or not
Is world helios 1B zone a good combo
, would it be okay if I bring snacks to share for every blader in this event?
I will bring the sponges tomorrow to battle. Good luck everyone, hope to see you there!
Can’t wait to battle there lmao I haven’t ever been in a wbo tournament can’t wait till tomorrow 😆
I'm ready for tomorrow
They took the canopies down. We are in the same spot but in the shade on the side of the building. You might not be able to see us from the parking lot.

(Aug. 14, 2022  8:24 PM)Zektor Wrote: [ -> ]They took the canopies down. We are in the same spot but in the shade on the side of the building. You might not be able to see us from the parking lot.

This matches for event have now been processed.