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Full Version: (July 31st) Texas Circuit Ranked Event Tournament Report
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Hello everybody! This is going to be my first ever tournament report (unless I forgot about one) so stick with me. This will cover the "Blader's Kingdom South #4" unranked event and the "Texas Circuit Ranked Event" ranked event. We'll start with the first event, "Blader's Kingdom South #4".

-As usual for Texas, the weather was hot. Fortunatly ZestyPhresh had us inside for the first time in a while! AC + Beyblade = Happy USN. While the venue was crowded, it was defenitly worth it to escape the heat.

-I happened to arrive whithin a couple of minutes of the start time. I brought two TT standard stadiums for the ranked tournamet so I brought those and the rest of my equipment into the main area. One of the hardest parts of the whole day was finding an accesible place to put my stuff! There were stadiums and people everywhere getting ready for the tournament.

-Probably 20 minutes after I got there Blader's Kingdom started. I got to say, before I went to this tournament I wasn't so sure about the variety of stadiums, but I actually ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I only got 5 battles in for the entire 1 hour period. Between waiting for stadiums or opponents to open up and helping a kid with his fakes, I ended up not getting in as many battles as I wanted, but I went undefeated in the first stage, so I ended up making it to finals. The only notable matches that I can remember were my matches againt Unionblader and Blader union. What can I say, they share parts of their name and they share an amazing proformance. My match against Unionblader actually happened to be my first time using a DB stadium. Ever. Including testing. I guess it worked out though. I won't go through the details of the parts that were used in my match against Blader union but our entire decks were almost mirrors with him using Guilty on Zone'+Z and I using Prominence in Zone'+Z. I had some great matches with some stadiums I had never used before. Overall a very fun format!

-Now it's time for finals. My opponent is someone I've never seen before named Thunderblade. Their deck seems good enough. I start off with a matchup that could go either way. And then I got 5-0ed. 3on3 has not treated me well so far. I might want to practice it a little more. My good friend raybuster ended up winning so that was cool to see. I believe that was 2 wins in a row for him. And now for the ranked tournament...

-Between the two tournaments we ended up getting about a 30 minute break. We just sorta tested and hung out untill the next tournament started. I gotta say that I've yet to meet a Texas blader I didn't like. I don't know if it's generally that way in all communities and I know eventually someone's gonna come around without a good attitude, but for now, we are havin so much fun.

-I started the tournament off going against... I don't remember. I remember the battle though so it's ok. It was Pick 3 Choose 1 format and I started off with Dynamite on High Xtend+' vs some sort of pro series stamina type. Pro series just ain't good enough. I won the first match. This meant I went up against TroyMod. At first, I really didn't know how good he would be, but he ended up having some series combos. He beat my Dynamite Dragon on High Xtend+' using his Dynamite Perseus on High Xtend+'. I think he just got me on the launch. To say my same spin stamina launch is good would be a bit of stretch. I've found that I'm pretty in the middle launch wise. That was my first loss. I was 1-1 and it wan't looking to good. Next went up against Romy. He had some good combos, but in the end attack got nothin on my Vanish. I've found a really effective launch that helps keeping me from KOing when going against a rubber flat that flower patterns. That said, my next matchup was against ThunderBlade. It was my Vanish on Bearing vs. their Guilty on Destroy. Earlier they had destroyed me using destroy with astral so you could say I was scared. As previously stated I was doing good against attack that day so the battle went my way. I was going 3-1 so I only needed to win one more match to get to finals. My last match that I can remember (There was one more, but it’s been a whole day since) was against Phantom blader. He was using Gatling Xcalibur on High Xtend+’ vs my Dynamite Dragon on High Xtend+’. It actually worked pretty well, but I ended up winning with only a minor injury. (Jeez that sword launchers rip cord can hurt.) I had made it into finals!

-Finals would be deck format My first match was against Romy again. I had a deck consisting of Dynamite-F Dragon Over High Xtend+’ 3, Vanish Longinus Tapered Bearing 0, and Prominence Perseus Giga Zone’+Z 10. I led with Vanish and won the first point against his Ultimate on Xtreme’. We then went back and forth until eventually I won. In the Semi-finals I was up against the organizer, Zesty Phresh. He’s an amazing blader, but in the end we both got surprised by certain matchup (Dynamite Dragon Over High Xtend+’ vs Vanish Longinus Giga High Xtend+’) And it turned out that Over won me the match. It was time for the finals and I was having a finals rematch against Blader union. Honestly I can’t really remember what happened. I was pretty stressed and I guess my memory went out the window, but I ended up winning 5-1. That made me the winner of the tournament!

-Thank you so much of ZestyPhresh and Brynessa for hosting this awesome event! I hope ya’ll keep hosting because I have so much fun everytime I come. All of Texas is so lucky to have devoted consistent organizers. Thank ya’ll!
I was away on vacation but just came across your post! I am so glad you had a good time. Love the report! It's great to put it all "on paper" while the memories are still fresh. I hope your event went well, and look forward to seeing you next time you can make it down!