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Full Version: Quest for the F230
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So, I am getting back into Beyblades. Specifically metal beys, but some are very expensive so I buy mostly midfakes a friend recommended. The thing is I have been searching the whole internet and can't seem to find an affordable (probably midfake) F230 spin track and I don't have the kind of money to buy the real deal (all the beys that have it are 40€+).

I would like to ask the internet and it's weird FBI-type magic to help me find an affordable F230 Spin track (also I live in Portugal so stuff that ships to Europe is best)
I don't intend on participating on tournaments, I just like Beyblade and midfakes are my way to collect the ones I love most
F230 is always going to be expensive. Hasbro's copies aren't particularly great comparatively, but they were still late in their lines and have other parts that make the costs go up (especially Genbull). TT copies are better, rarer, and just generally harder to get.

I wish you luck, but don't expect this to be cheap. If anything 40€ is already very cheap, and well below what I'd expect it to cost.
So I'm from Portugal too. Let me ask you if you dont mind. Where do you get your beys?