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Full Version: My custom Beyblade designs for Beyblade Burst
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I've been doing a couple of drawings for Beyblade Burst Beys that I might get 3D printed. Right now I've gotten someone on Reddit to make 3D models of one of my designs then print it. This is that design (honesty I based it on my favorite furry artist, Sparky_the_chu) I call this Beyblade: Primis Sparky Little Big-1313
[Image: Armor_-_1313.png?width=609&height=609]
[Image: Blade_-_Primis_Left_Spin_Mode.png?width=609&height=609]
[Image: Blade_-_Primis_Right_Spin_Mode.png?width=609&height=609]
[Image: DB_Core_-_Sparky.png?width=609&height=609]
[Image: Forge_Disc_-_Little.png?width=609&height=609]
[Image: Performance_Tip_-_Big.png?width=609&height=609]
I also made this sticker for the DB Core with a Cricut:
[Image: Sparky_Sticker.png?width=561&height=609]