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Full Version: The full version of Zero-G opening song is released after ten years!!
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Premiere of Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G have been stepped into 10 years anniversary

Yesterday, the original animation song singer, YU+KI, has released the full version of the opening song, which produced in recent past
The song never had a full size, but even then, I have looped it for numberless time in my past ten years, I love it from the start
Let's enjoy the song and say thank you to YU+KI!!

Opening song「Zero-G Bey! Go!」

Ending song「上を向いて笑ってWe Go!」

(The original name of OP varied a bit, although I wonder why but it matterless. As for ED I post it for extra, not only as good as good as OP, even more loopable, a calming song really suitable for relax!!)