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Full Version: DB Core - Dragon
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Dragon (ドラゴン, Doragon) is a DB Core released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-199 Booster, Gatling Dragon Karma Charge Metal'-10, on June 25th, 2022.
Dragon is a Right Spinning DB Core which depicts its namesake: a dragon. As part of the Dynamite Battle Layer System. Like Valkyrie 1 before it, Dragon features a spring inside, meant to give any Blade using it Bound Attack potential akin to God Valkyrie, but much like God Valkyrie, the bound gimmick isn't too prominent. Furthermore, much like Tornado Wyvern, the Core has only 3 Average Teeth that the Bound Gimmick is meant to compensate for, but results in Low Burst Resistance due to the spring causing unintended recoil, making it ill suited for Attack combinations. Compared to both molds of Valkyrie 1, Dragon's spring is exponentially tighter, and is much more stable than Valkyrie 1.

That said, due to the spring, Dragon is one of the heavier DB Cores, allowing it to find use in stamina oriented combinations, and can be considered a much safer option compared to Valkyrie 1 due to the stronger teeth, though it is still burst prone. As such, it is better on Stamina oriented combinations with low recoil.
==Use in Stamina/Defense Combinations==
Dragon can be used in the combination Dynamite/Devil(F Gear) Dragon Over/Giga High Xtend+'-0/3/9/10. Dragon's high stamina allows for this combo to outspin opponents while its low burst Resistance is offset by the low recoil shape of Dynamite/Devil(F Gear) and the stronger spring lock on High Xtend+'. Over and Giga's high weight can offset High Xtend+' s low KO Resistance with their heavy weight, while the armors list helps keep the armor stable.
While Dragon has high stamina, its low Burst Resistance makes it outclassed by Belial 2 for this use. However, if Burst risk is low, Dragon is a good alternative for Stamina.

As such, Dragon is a must have for competitive bladers.