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Full Version: New York Discord Beyblade Server
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Hello everyone I am NewRoc a local New York Blader trying to revive the future of New York Beyblade , lately there has been no one hosting in New York anymore due to not having time or afraid from the covid virus so I have taken the organizer test and have passed. So I am in search of looking local New Yorkers (Queens, Bronx or ECT) willing to join the Discord Server 


that is my discord server tag if you are interested friend me and I shall invite you to the server invite as many friends that you know that are as excited as you to see the future of New York Beyblade coming back! 

From your local , NewRoc 🎖️

Apparently my discord server ping decide to take you to another person instead of my discord ping so let me try it again by changing my name.

Here is my new name please friend me when if interested