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Full Version: Crazy Slots July 2nd, 2022 Tournament Report
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Hello everyone,

I don't have too much to say for this report. It was hot outside but it is summer time so that kinda happens 😎. We were in the shade of a nice shelter so it definitely helped a lot. Someone came and used the grill at the shelter. He was nice enough to share some watermelon with the participants. That was cool because it definitely helped with keeping everyone hydrated. He was a solid guy.

We had 14 players sign up and ended up with about 12. I enjoy block round robin or smaller crowds so this worked out for the best. The tournament ran a little long but it was fairly smooth. There were a lot of new players and I honestly enjoy that. It means that the word is spreading and even though the event was smaller the community is growing. We plan to host consistently in the Raleigh area from here on out. So the crowd will come in time. New faces are great to introduce them to the competitive game and get parents involved when they can see the skill, strategy and friendly community.

There was only 1 player that showed up with non-authentic parts, but thanks to Shindog and CrisisCrusher07 I already had a plan for that. I have a set of pre-made combos to lend to players. The beys stay at the stadium so they don't have to worry on going back and forth. The players who have to use these specific beys don't always like this method, they'd rather pic and choose combos which I get but that slows down the tournament a bit and honestly wouldn't be to fair if someone was able to pic and choose perfect combos when others wouldn't have that option. So sometimes it is what it is, but ultimately I think everyone had fun.

We spent a lot of time helping and teaching. That's always great also. I know ranked events are competitive but they also have so many new players come to them. That is due to the fact that most organizers are competitive so they want to host ranked events instead of unranked. So new players come to whatever tournament they can get to regardless of ranked or not. With this though, I know my region is lenient with younger or newer players coming. So we spend a great deal of time teaching and helping players understand instead of getting too competitive. I enjoy that. The larger events will be great for the serious competition, but these are all fun and great for learning.

There wasn't too much to the first stage. We played 3v3. 

The top 4 we well also. The Atomic Fungus is...idk how old...but he is a legit blader! He beat me in the first stage and also went undefeated. The kid has a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing him at Dark Continent 😎. I didn't watch too many of the finals matches as Robert_loller helped with judging. I was happy to relax a bit from organizing. Finals is chance to slow down and relax. 

The match I can speak on though is the final one. I was SAD 😩! I lost bad but it could've been worse. Robert_loller had a great Dynamite combo on tapered bearing'. Robert and I know the same MD crew so we have the same thoughts and strategy of play. I am not too great with tapered bearing but I definitely wanted to beat it. That didn't happen though haha. I was losing 4-0. In my head I was like, "no way am I going 5-0, I will flip this stadium over and cancel this whole event!" haha, no wouldn't do that seriously but I would've been pretty bummed. I could hear CrisisCrusher07 in my head saying, "yeah bro we got a sick tapered bearing' combo that is unbeatable" and I could see happening before my eyes lol. I did however manage to get 1 point against that combo. So the match ended up being 5-1. I made some bad decisions in deck but honestly I would have lost regardless and Robert_loller is a legit blader. Looking forward to playing you again too 😎.

One thing that was tough was counting the matches. I am going to have to get one of those clicker things for judges to know when a match reaches 10 or 15 battles. We reached the 14/15th battle in 2 finals matches. It was legit and adds another aspect of strategy. When I down 4-0 at 8 battles in I had to think when I would have to chance it and change modes (low to high or the mode of Hxt+'). It was one of those things where I had to choose to just lose straight up or at least try something crazy and I only have 7 more battles left to see. We got to about 11 or so battles in and I made the choice. I won that one battle. I definitely lost the war but I learned a whole lot. The thought of "how many chances do I have to tie, or will I auto lose no matter what I do". Like if you are 4-0 in the 14th battle, you have lost no matter what. But if it is the 10th or 11th battle the only way you can win the match is getting 5 straight points which is TOUGH to do in deck format. And those 5 points need to be won straight up, no draws or anything. This level of thought and strategy kinda forced me to make different decisions that got me out of my comfort zone. It helped a lot. 

Thank you once again for everyone that came out. I learned a lot and had a tremendous amount of fun!

I take back what I said about the 14th battle, if you get a burst in the 14th and 15th battle you can tie it up and next point wins, that’s would be one crazy finish to take a win from a deficit like that 😎