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Note: There are no age restrictions.



Date: September 25 2010, 12PM Onwards. (Last tournament lasted about 3 - 4 hours).

I'm sorry for not hosting a tournament in Melbourne for a while, I have been quite busy.

Venue: Lincoln Park (Located in Essendon) The members who are coming to this tournament that came to "BEY BLAZE" this is the same park.
There's a milk bar next to the park, if you would like to bring money.

TRAIN LINE: (If you are out of the main area, you can catch any other line to Flinders Street Station, such as Southern Cross, and then from Flinders take the CRAIGIEBURN Line to either Essendon or Glenbervie.

Expected Turnout: Right now we are expecting about 34 people or more, 28 competing.

Format: Open Format, Round Robin System.

Note: The Libra wheel is banned in this tournament.

If you are coming to this tournament, please PM me or post on this thread. Please let me know if you are bringing any friends along with you. Joyful_3

Attendance List:
(Members started to be confirmed competing on 6th of September)
Omega (Confirmed) - Attended
Tan - Champion of BEY BLAZE (Unavailable)
Pizza (Unavailable)
BeyKid, now known as Quetz. (Confirmed) - Attended
Rock Galzzly (Unavailable)
DranzerKingPat (Confirmed) - Attended
Trypio (Confirmed) - Attended
Chaos Blader (Confirmed) - Attended
Raykon (Unable to attend)
DiverDan (Unsure)
Robsta (Confirmed) - Attended
DanielMan (Unsure)
Cartmansam (Confirmed) - Attended
Pikabattler (Confirmed) - Attended
Leone2010 (Confirmed) -Attended
Blah (Maybe)
Bestblader123 (Confirmed) - Attended
Wraith (Confirmed) - Attended
StormT (Confirmed) - Attended
T.x.T (Confirmed) - Attended
StormDriger (Highly Unlikely)
BeyJadz (Unlikely)
Diamondlil (Confirmed) - Attended
The Burning Libra - Attended
Monkeyman 942 - Attended
Storm Pegusus -Attended
Blader_ldrago (Unsure)

Expected Turnout so far: 28 People. Note: If not all people are confirmed, it doesn't mean that they're not coming Tongue_out

Entrance Fees:
The entrance fee is $5 USD, or $6 AUD unless you have a Blader's Passport.

Purchasing a Blader's Passport at the Tournament:
If you don't have a PayPal, or for any reason you can't buy a Blader's Passport on the WBO website, you can purchase one at the tournament for $10 USD, or $12 AUD.

This time 'round only the first place winner will be awarded a brand new Metal Fight BeyBlade. The first place winner will also receive a Gold Face, second place winner will receive a silver face, and the third place winner will receive a bronze face.

Each Participant will receive a card upon leaving, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners will receive unique cards:

(I survived BEYHURRICANE will be given to each member who did not come 1st - 4th place.)

At the back of the cards will have some text, with your name on it.

If you would like to make a donation towards prizes for the winners of the tournament you can do so, I would greatly appreciate that, and I'm sure the others would as well.



If for any reason you can't buy beys of the internet, you can pre-order some from here. When the money is collected for the bey/beys, I will purchase the beys from the internet and ship them to your address. I would just purchase them before hand and give them to you in person, but for scamming reasons I'd rather not.

Prices (All are Japanese TAKARA-TOMY, or SONO KONG Beys):
Storm Pegasis Starter - $22.00 AUD
Lightning L-Drago Starter - $22.00 AUD
Earth Aquila Starter - $20.00 AUD
Storm Capricorn Starter - $23.00 AUD
Burn Phoenix Starter - $20.00
Poison Serpent Starter -$21.00 AUD
Galaxy Pegasis Starter - $33.00 AUD
Earth Virgo Starter - $25.00
Flame Sagittario booster - $15.00 AUD
Rock Leone booster - $16.00 AUD
Flame Libra booster - $15.00 AUD
Rock Escolpio booster - $16.00 AUD
Rock Giraffe booster - $26.00 AUD
Dark Bull booster - $15.00 AUD
Any other items can be discussed by PM, or MSN.
~~ Sales are closed. Total Purchases: 5. ~~

First Place: Omega
Second Place: Chaos Blader
Third Place: Bestblader123

I can most likely come. I should be able to Bring a pack of Metal face's for second place as well. Grin
Awesome, thanks a lot Smile
Awesome Grin. If I can make it down to Melbourne then, I might be able to go. So I'm a maybe. Smile
Sweet, hope you can make it Joyful_3
(Sorry for double posting, but needed bump also)

OP has been edited, added a map on how to get to the venue. Also PM'd all Australian members Smile
I'm fairly sure I'll be able to come, not too sure what I'll be doing around that date yet.
I'll probably end up bringing the same friend I did last time.
Aw you're joking, I have a yoyo meetup on the 25th. Crying
Awesome hope to see you there DiverDan Smile

Robsta, how about the 26th? If you're free then, I'll PM all the confirmed members if they can make it on the 26th instead.
The 26th is a Monday.
(Jul. 17, 2010  11:39 AM)Robsta Wrote: [ -> ]The 26th is a Monday.

September 26th, 2010 is on a Sunday. Unless Australia's calanders are different...
Yeah, it's a Sunday. Smile
Woops I was looking a July XD , I'm good for the 25th then!
Sweet, see you there Smile Also the 25th is a Saturday.
danielman will be able to come too.
Awesome, edited the attendance list.
want to go but dont have a working bey my only one has a broken weight disk and is series 1. i might just watch. are you selling any at the comp?
If you don't have any beys, you can make one using some spare parts of mine. And I might be opening a pre-order store on the thread soon.
Oh man, I just moved from melbourne to the country!Unhappy
I might be able to come but dont count on it!
smh i dnt live n Australia so cnt go Unhappy y are all of the tounys n Australia
(Aug. 18, 2010  7:08 AM)blacklightning Wrote: [ -> ]smh i dnt live n Australia so cnt go Unhappy y are all of the tounys n Australia
No ... Not all of the tournaments are in Australia ... What are you talking about ...
how old you must be plus do you need a beypointer
(Aug. 19, 2010  2:55 PM)cartmansam Wrote: [ -> ]how old you must be plus do you need a beypointer

No age requirement (I think), and no, you do not need a Beypointer (I know).
I am comming to this event plus I will bring my friend along.
There are no age requirements, and no beypointer is required, though you can bring one if you like.

Great, I'll add you to the list Smile
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