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Full Version: Pacific Northwest's Top 10 Ranked Players List!
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Presenting the top 10 ranked WBO players from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

This list was updated on 11/27/2022

1st.   --- 1371 BR

2nd. S4  --- 1337 BR 

3rd. S4  --- 1253 BR

4th.  --- 1247 BR

5th.  --- 1227 BR

6th.  --- 1212 BR

7th. S4  --- 1198 BR

8th.   --- 1190 BR

9th.  --- 1167 BR

10th. S4  --- 1162 BR          

I will update this list after each event in the PNW.

Congrats to all of the bladers that made it onto the list!! I hope this list will encourage competition; as well as highlight the dedication and hard work put in by bladers from this part of the country.
This list looks really cool! Now I know I've got to be working really hard so I can get on the same level as you guys. This list is really well made. Also, Hpyher retired by the way. I'm not saying he doesn't need to be on the list I just thought you should know.
Updated. Congrats to these bladers for moving up on the list: .
Updated. Congrats to these bladers for moving up the list:
Updated, congrats to all of the bladers on the list.
I got kicked out of top 10 noooooooooooo
(Sep. 29, 2022  12:37 AM)Diamond Blader Wrote: [ -> ]I got kicked out of top 10 noooooooooooo

We just gotta beat 'em up at the next tournament. Don't worry buddy
Yeah boi!!!!
Updated. Congrats to everyone!
Updated. Also "S4" is now added identify current Supreme 4 members.