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Full Version: Names: Birth of Memer
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so, i decided im going to continue my work on my soon to be 3d printed bey, its parts are:

Kross R   Twilight R    Kross L    Twilight L
Memer   Memer         Memer     Memer
5A         5A               5A           5A
Major     Major          Major       Major
Rage      Rage           Rage       Rage

Its an attack type, and a defense. left and right, separate layers for LR Rotation and for attack and defense. what is your opinion on these names? once i get it done, ill let you know. it'll take me a bit since i haven't really designed a bey. but i already have every thing done, just need to make the driver (and redo the defense layer cuz tinkercad broke on me-) but yea, let me know your opinions! (i don't really like twilight, just doesn't feel right-