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How do you know or can you tell if a beyblade is balance, defensive, attack or stamina?
I mean I guess you can look at the stock driver and see how its shaped to imagine it moving on the stadium. Attack would be more agressive, stamina would be more chill and defensive would go to the center and dash back to the center when attacked or knocked off balance. Balance type would be a mix.
Since I used to main defense types back when I played with my brothers, Ill be providing some information on that since they were my favorite

A Beyblade is a defense type of it has a lot of weight to it in order to resist other Beys' attacks. Defense type Beys also appear more circular (or near-perfect circle) to minimize the number of vulnerable contact points that would otherwise weaken them
(Jun. 04, 2022  4:59 PM)Mook Wrote: [ -> ]How do you know or can you tell if a beyblade is balance, defensive, attack or stamina?

The initial goal of the beyblade perhaps..?

Stamina Types goal are to outlast other beys with its heightened endurance or equalization capabilities.

Attack Types goal is to use its power to score a KO, Burst, or to best the stamina out of other beys.

Defense Types goal is to defend against attackers typically with a bulkier build.

Balance Types probably don't have a set goal but are a mix of two or more type characteristics. Typically Attack + Stamina/Defense.

Stamina-Defense Hybrids are a type i've heard of which is typically a Stamina combo with good Defensive capabilities. The Vanish Blade is a good example of something with good stamina and defense.

"LAD Attackers?" I'm not so sure what the term for this one is but typically its a combo with good Attack and Stamina. Imperial on 0 Expand Destroy' is a good example of this.

Takara Tomy/Hasbro also defines each part with these labels. Atomic for instance would be defense. It also gets confusing around some parts where Tact for instance is labeled as Balance, however peaks in Defense. Really weird.