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Full Version: How to remove the spring cap of a driver (Hasbro)?
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Hello guys! You probably have already forgotten me, but I didn't forget you all! Sorry for the long absence, I'm reading posts on here every singe day but I never decide to log in and post something myself... Kinda weird, I know.
Anyway, the main reason why I'm posting is because I want to know how to remove a driver's spring cap safely without damaging it. For whatever reason I wanted to replicate the Bahamut Core's rubber lock by putting chewing gum into the slopes of the Hasbro version. I assembled it, and now there are bits of the gum still sticking inside the cap and in the middle part, which I want to remove all of course. So again I'm asking for someone's "instruction" to help me in this probelem. Thank you in adavnce and hope to see you around soon. I will try to be more active.
Note: I won't be able to reply to you until tommorow because of the timezones. Thanks still!
You want my advice? Don't put chewing gum on beyblades. Lol I have no idea why you do that even if you wanted to replicate a burst lock. 🤦‍♂️