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Full Version: Hoping to start things up locally - BeyBlade
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Hi all,

I have been absent for a while from on here, a lot of it due to Pandemic related things and mental health. 

Things locally are finally looking safe enough to look back into starting things up for BeyBlading. 

I know the rules typically for a game organizer are to be super active on here, I was for a while, and plan on being again, but due to absence I am wondering what the WBO officials would think of me trying to be an organizer at this stage?

There is a local game and hobby con coming up July 30ths here in Yellowknife, and I would love to use it as an opportunity to really jumpstart the local BeyBlade community. 

What is the opinion and outlook on being an organizer for this event? 

If I am not going to be applicable, is there any interest in an organizer coming to Yellowknife to host something, I could look into guest options for our con.

Hi Trent!

The WBO is always open to hosts, even if they aren't super active on the forums - you just need to read up and then take the Organizer Quiz. Just keep in mind you can only attempt the quiz once every 30 days, so with time tight prior to the convention like this I would advise reading the Rulebook, Judges Guide and Organizer's Guide extremely carefully (the quiz is open book, too). Then absolutely go ahead and host the tournament!
Hi, thank you for the reply. I am actively doing this now, and had made a separate post in a more appropriate area too to further detail it. The local Con organizers here are on fire with excitement over this Smile