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Full Version: Assault!!! (A Burst Story)
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Well, I've got another fic. I'm just hoping I don't manage to uh, you know, somehow stop mid-story.


It was night and the moon shone all over the land in place of the sun. And shattered pieces of generic Beys were scattered across the floor of an abandoned warehouse, the face of the people that destroyed them being obscured by the darkness of the warehouse. Their owners fell on the floor, filled with fear and trembling.

"What... what the hell do you think you're doing?!" A surviving thug cried out, attempting to run away with the only Bey he had on the stadium. 

"Dude, we should just give up... the outcome's just gonna be the same..." His friend told him, defeated.

"I ain't until I teach this brat a lesson!" The thug replied with a distressed tone of voice.

"Hit 'em harder, damn it!"

The ruffian shouted at his Bey in a desperate attempt to defeat the opposing Bey, which was silver like the celestial body floating above in the sky.

"You should've listened to your friend." The owner's small, yet powerful voice echoed across the warehouse.

The silver Beyblade disappeared like a flash, suddenly appearing in front of its opponent like a beam of light.

"He gave you some good advice."

Her Beyblade crushed the opposing one, pressing it against the wall and shattering it into several pieces. The opponent trembled under the sight of the destruction of his partner, quick and merciless. The man looked down at the remains of what used to be his weapon, destroyed by the person that just walked into the light. Her face was illuminated by the moonlight coming from the warehouse's window, revealing a small girl with red eyes.

"Y-y-you..." The thug stuttered and looked at her with eyes filled with fear, they were also close to being filled with tears. To think a small girl like her was breaking Beyblades of experienced Bladers with ease, and without any remorse as well.

"Hm? Were you trying to say something?" The girl's silky, yet ghost-like hair complimented her eyes which looked like rubies.

She approached him up close, the tapping of her shoe's soles being the only sound she made.

"Rashad Goodman, Bell Daikokuten. The two goliaths of modern Blading after the downfall of those that came before them."

The little girl crouched down to get down to his level, making her eyes more visible to see her intentions.

"Including the one that stood above them all for the longest time; Valt Aoi. Both Bladers are polar opposites that counterbalance each other. One is mischievous, carefree and overall perceived as a villain by the public. The other is a paragon of justice, a righteous man who'd stop at nothing for what he believes is 'good'."

"The hell are you trying to say?" The thug she was talking to asked her, terrified. All that she did was sigh and continue her speech.

"Their presence at the top has changed the Blading world, initially for good but now for worse. Everyone wants a place at the top, whether they want to stand alongside them, or overthrow them. The latter attempt usually fails, but not for us. And we certainly won't settle for the former."

She stood up, looking down at the fallen man with the cruel and piercing gaze of a tyrant.

"We will come out triumphant, and take that throne they're sitting on."

Interrupting her speech, was another person's voice. While it seemed very undeveloped, it came from an adolescent.

"Hey, Mieko. You done with your speech? We've already ran these guys' pockets."

That person appeared from the shadows, a boy with brown and red hair. His defining feature was his jagged teeth and his sinister eyes. Even though his voice seemed to be undeveloped and somewhat girly, he gave off an aura comparable to that of a demon. Putting his hands behind his back, he looked down at the gang with a disappointed gaze.

"This little group o' dimwits are what we're tryna use as a messenger?" The boy talked to the girl, whose name was Mieko.

Mieko walked up to the boy, looking away from the gang she defeated.

"For now. Because they won't be the only ones who will know. Kyo-san."

His face changed, and he let off an incredibly sinister smile on his face.

"Alright, alright, ALRIGHT!" The boy shouted out with ecstasy.

After doing enough damage, the two decided to leave without a word. Their departure would be interrupted by the cry of the gang's leader though, stopping them in their tracks.

"Hold on! We won't be the only ones who will know?!" He screamed out, fearful of what'll happen to the Blading scene if this was what they did to the likes of them.

Turning back, Mieko gave one last stare to the leader and simply replied with this.

"Yes, tell them..."

"We have arrived."

Assault Plan: 1st Stage

In progress.