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Full Version: is this still a valid deck in the new meta?
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so i made some combos back in November, but not being able to fully complete them due to not having all the parts. now i do,0 so i want to see if these are still valid combos.
(High Mode) Guilty Longinus Nexus+S  Xtreme'-0
(Low Mode) Vanish Bahamut Over Zone'+Z-6
(Low Mode) Astral Fafnir Tapered Bearing'-10

lmk if these are valid!
Those combos are perfectly fine. The only thing I would say is that putting Guilty in High Mode is not really useful, and could be more of a detriment. Everything else is fine enough, and it is usually up to personal preference/collection which generic Stamina combo gets used. I would also probably recommend the use of 2, 3 or 0 Armor on Vanish and Astral. Guilty can get away with basically anything, but for the other two the aforementioned Armors tend to be best.

Also, I think you would have a better time asking this question here next time. I don't think a whole thread is necessary.