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Full Version: Beyblade Burst Thanks Fair
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You can watch it until May 13th
It’s blocked for me.
(Apr. 17, 2022  2:35 PM)p0l1w4g06 Wrote: [ -> ]It’s blocked for me.

You need VPN
Marina Inoue (voice actress of Valt Aoi) has shared with us some photos of the event! :-)
That event makes us find it's end of burst.
They'll delete DB from youtube in end of April and then they'll stop to upload information on Beyblade World(official beyblade fan club)
I like the idea of the event.

Weird that Beyblade Burst is gonna end, but we haven't been told if Beyblade's gonna go on a hiatus, or end entirely. But not that that hasn't happened before with kid IPs.
i watched the event. it was really good seeing the voice actors.