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Full Version: Beyblade burst:victorious
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This is a beyblade story based of my sister Zoey Right.she is a 11 Year old girl who blades with  her bey 
Dawn Zahhak.Her older brother (ME) Jordan Right a 15 year old boy who blades with Lunar Jialong Jordan has joined the darkside and his little sister has to try to beat him

New Characters so far:

Zoey Right:a Brownish black haired girl with blond highlights she wears a white crop top and has blue ripper jeans blue eye

Jordan Right:a dirty blond with messy hair with a purple stripe he wears a white and black Hoodie with long black pants purple eyes

Jake quenso:a spiky haired blond that wears a black long sleeved shirt that has a rewind logo he with black shorts
Teal eyes

Angie Isabella:a curly haired girl with blue and red stripes she wears a pink shirt with some black stuff on it she has short shorts also orange eyEs

Mariangel andres:  a tan girl with a blondish brownish curly hair she wears a red skirt with shorts black eyes

Leo:a boy with spiky Black hair that wears a white suit with a black tie and has green eyes

Victory System:

Hero/villain core:a DB core basically 

ring:has metal on corners

Weight:kinda like the weight in Gt

Disk:same as every other disk

Tip:all tips can have mode level adjusted
Zoey:Go Zahhak! Light opening!

Maria:Zahhak may be good but so is Mimic,Decoy breaker!

(Zahhak and Mimic collide sparks fly everywhere)(Mimic burst)

Zoey:Aw man I have to go see you!!!

Maria:bye Zozo!

[At her house]

Zoey:hey dad *she’d jump onto the couch and turn the T.V on*

Jordan:The beast has arrived *opens the refrigerator door for a soda*

Zoey:Wow that’s like the 77th time you’ve said it.

Jordan:yeah because it keeps happening *joins her on the couch*

*The bey news turns on*

Valt: Hey bey fans I’m happy to unleash a new bey system! *he’d show Survivor Valkyrie*

Shu:The victorious system *shows Multiverse Spryzen*

Free:Yeah it comes with 5 parts… *shows invisibility Fafinir*

Lui:we can’t wait to see what you all make! *shows Terminated Luinor*

Valt,Shu,free,Lui:Ready set 3 2 1 let it rip!

Jordan:I’m gonna make a Victorious bey *runs to printing room*

Zoey:Me too,wait up *runs behind him*

*they’d sit down and start making beys*

Zoey:Mine will be balance so I’m gonna have metal & rubber blades around the layer! (Kinda like Pegasus and a mix with Fafinir )

Jordan:If that’s what I’m gonna have a attack type,I need 3 blades like Valkyrie!

(They’d finish)

Zoey:Grindawn Zahhak!

Jordan:Lunar Jialong

[at midnight]

*Jordan jumps out he window and makes a loud band sound waking up Zoey*

*Zoey jumps out the window*

Jordan:hopefully nobody heard that…

Zoey:Jordan! What are you doing?!

Jordan :I’m going to milk a chicken… what does it look like I’m leaving!!!

Zoey:If your gonna leave you have to beat me! *she takes out her launcher and puts her bey on it and twist it*

Jordan:And If I win let me go heh *Puts bey on launcher and twist it two times also*

Both:3 2 1 go shoot!

||Jialong spins around the stadium at full speed making sparks || Zahhak takes the center || Jialong Dives down and hits Zahhak against the wall||
||Zahhak try’s to take the center again but gets hit by Jialong ||Zahhak tip goes higher shifting to attack mode ||they’d start barraging each other||

Jordan:Lunar Spring!!!

Zoey:: DdAwnRush!!!

||Jialongs 3 blades hit Zahhak into the air|| Zahhak goes down but Jialong manages to hit it back up||Jialong does the thing author did to drum||
||Zahhak would be sent into the air every time close to the stadium ground || Jialong goes faster sending Zahhak higher and higher and higher ||

Zoey:set spin!

|| Zahhak finally gets out and her blades glow and send Jialong Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying ||Jialong glows Black and purple. ||
||time goes slow you get to see both avatars evolving kinda|| epic music music starts playing || Jialongs red eyes send fear into Zoeys Beyblade||

Jordan:LUNAR DIVE!!!!!

Zoey:GrinDAWN BREAK!!!!!!

|| Zahhak & Jialong glow || Jialong hits Zahhak from above ||while Zahhak holds on from the bottom || A huge orange & yellow explosion ball appears|| a yellow orange beam also appears || The explosion would be so huge huge it wakes up the whole neighborhood || Jordan snaps ||
||The explosion stops and Zahhak would be floating as a bursted bey ||Jordan runs away || Zoey would be unable to move ||parents run out||

[at bc sol]

Valt: he’s good right guys?

Shu: yeah but he might be corrupting…

Lui:It doesn’t matter we can beat him!

Free:Lui your to loud…

Lui:IM GONNA RAHHHHHHHH *Valt and shu hold Lui back*

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Beyblade burst victorious episode 2:here comes Leo and Artist Logician!

(1 week later)

Zoey:How did I lose?!

Mom:She seems Fustrated

Dad:Did she trow a chair at you?


Dad:Oh ok then tell me about it.

Zoey:I’m going out!

Dad:Were are you going?

Zoey:I’m going with Zahhak to blade with my friends

Dad:Ok Be home bye 8:30

(At the blading park)

Friend 1:That move was so cool what did you call it again Zoey?

Zoey:it was Star Breaker!

Maria:Who’s that?

???:Im Leo! This is my bey Artist Logician!

Leo:You all seem strong so I wanna battle you!

Zoey:Ok then

They’d all get in their positions

All:3 2 1 let it rip!!!

||Logician Accelerates and hits a Red Valkyrie and it burst on contact Bison Smashes it’s horn blades into Logician rubber blades and it starts to circle the stadium||Zahhak slams itself into Bison And Bison flys out then burst||Zahhak and Mimic Go for Logician||

Leo:Artistic Rush!!

Maria:Copying smash!

Zoey:DAWN BREAK!!!!!!!!

||Zahhak would have a yellow trail it and mimic go to burst Logician but it dodge making Mimic and Zahhak burst||

Huge explosion Appeared -

Leo:I figured speed would be more useful here

Zoey:*0* wow


Zoey:It was a really simple decision 😐

Maria:I guess….

Leo:See you around!

Zoey:Jordan…. I promise to bring you back…

[Ruined Alleway]

Jordan:I’ll beat you Dante

Dante:May I ask why are you already so strong I saw you beat you beat Silas,Honcho and,Almost Daigo!

Jordan:fine I’ll tell you…..
Episode 3:Zahhack,Bond Unleashed!

•Zoey:I keep losing… •

•Flashback of Jialong bursting Zahhack•

•Zoey:It’s Decided I Leave to find Jordan•


•Dad:Yes Sweetie•

•Zoey:I’m leaving to find Jordan And before you say-•

•Mom:Ok then ^^•


•Mom:If anyone can It’s you you guys were so close•

•Zoey:Mhm -Nods-•

•Zoey:Bye mom see you soon I promise I’ll bring Oni-Chan Back!•

•Mom&Dad:Bye sweet and Stay Safe!•

-|•|-With her Friends-|•|-

•Maria:Go Mimic!•

•Silas:Go Satomb, Roller drift!•

•Mimic Burst in a Second•

•Zoey:That’s a legend!•

•Zoey:the best way to have leaving battle!•

•Silas:Who’s next!•

•Zoey dash yelling:Me!•

•Maria:Zoey? I thought you were leaving..•

•Zoey ran and hugged her then grabbed her bey and launcher from her bag•

•Silas:Something feels off about this kid..•

•They both Launched and the force from Zoey Was different she was kind of angry since she has to find her brother and she had no clue where he is,Zahhack moved at the speed of sound Satomb wasn’t able to keep up as she Started to hit him in a Rush launch Formation and Silas Grinned as he used Roller dive-He Rolled around the stadium then Zahhack hit him from the back and pushed him around the stadium and against the wall•

•Zoey:Dawn Shoot!•

•She shot Across the Stadium and Satomb turned green and Zahhack turned Golden•

•Silas:Tormenting Bond!•

•Zoey:Sunblaze Bonding…!•

•Zoeys Bey hit silas as you see Zoey breathing heavily bent down Touching her knees looking at the battle as he hair covered her eyes she grinned creepily and Silas was kinda Stuck in fear like he wasn’t able to say anything his eyes were wide open he was Trembling as Zoey Still grinned and Satomb would Burst and went flying to a pillar that was 12 steps away he walked over grabbed his bey as Zoey fell to the gorund Unconscious•

•Zoey saw her brother Watching her play It faded… she saw him standing there in a black room screaming for help as he reached his hand out she woke up in a forest with her friends she was confused•

•Maria:Your up you blacked out after you screamed Sunblaze Bonding You scared me with that grin your just so strong…-She started crying•

•Zoey Hugged her-dont worry your strong!•

•She stopped crying as Zoey turned her head Leo was Standing there Leo:Yay Leo your here -He said to himself out loud•

•Jordan:I was walking with my bey and some guy came up two me and asked if I wanted a power up so I said sure he gave me Something he told me to eat it I felt a Rush… Power hungry…Thirsty for Energy…I hid it for a little but I had a Urge to leave I battled my sister and I’ve never won like that it was so easy… Every bey I crush Adds Power into Jialong but there’s still that one thing I feel I feel I feel Empty inside Pure Power also•

•Dante:Hm ok then!•

•Insert The battle however you want because I’m lazy TwT•

•Jordan Wins•

•Jordan laughs Menacingly•

•Jordan left as Dante Stared at his Broken bey•