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Full Version: Yui and the 7 Palaces \\//
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When I grow up I wanna make anime so I thought of making one here this will be kinda like the avatar so I hole you enjoy the 1st episode 
Episode 1:`Don’t ever forget this name…Yui Akari!!!`

Narrator:`This is the world I guess… The 7 Elementals all argued which was stronger until they eventually drifted apart ever since they’ve hated each other for over 100 years but could this one girl bring them back by learning how to Use all the elements?`

||Year old Girl runs around town stealing stuff to survive|she’d run into a alleyway Being chased bye the cops|the girl trows a smoke bomb and manages to run away only to find a person with a dressed in black|He’d cornered the girl|||

Yui:Who are you don’t hurt me pls I do anything I’ll give you money I have five dollars!

???:Im Ôhø and I don’t want your money,I need your help.

Yui::Help,Why me?

Ôhø:I need you for a special mission,I’ve been watching you,I believe you can bring peace to the 7 Palaces


Ôhø:The seven palaces Earth,water,fire,Wind,Electricity,Ice,And Void they all Grew apart I’ll give you Water I want you to learn every one of the Elements but I’ll tell you the Kings and Queen,Taiko the Void King,Sei-Goku the Earth king,Fanyiro the Fire lord,Aero the Wind King,Ziptos the Electricity King,Oshinari the Water King,Yuki the Ice Queen.You have to Reunite them all.

Yui:I’ll do it!!!

||She’d smile||


Scienctist No.1:it’s Power it’s to high,we have to lower it!

Leader:NO!!! We have to make him the strongest in the Whole Dimension!!!

Scientist No.2:Then let’s do it!

||The scientist Would be flipping switches and clicking buttons||The screen shows a 17 year old boy Trappers in a ball with Tubes on his body||He opens his eyes||Everything in the room Floats around him ||The ball breaks Exploding the lab|| The boy would be standing up he uses thunder to Send the Scientist Flying with them possibly dead he flys out ||

-Back with Yui-

Yui: How much longer?!

Ôhø-Patience,Your here when you’ve done these two thing Call my name 3 times No.1:Learn Hydrokinesis,No.2:Convince him too Help us on our mission!

Yui: Sounds easy enough-

||Ôhø Disappears||She’d walk in and spot him||


Oshinari:Leave me alone.

Yui: nO I WiLl NeVeR eVeR lEaVe!!!

Oshinari:Stay away.

Yui: Can we talk At least?


||They’d sit down||

Yui: Ok I have a Question

Oshinari:What is it -He’d drink his soup-

Yui: Teach me how to master Water Manipulation!!!

Oshinari:Sure but my training is extremely intense you up for it?

Yui: Yes!

Oshinari:I’ll see you tomorrow.

Yui: I’m so exited!

-She’d Eat 20 Bowls of Maruchan,17 Bowls of Soup,23 Bowls Of Udon-

||-||The workers have never seen anybody eat this much-They’d be shocked||-||

|-The next day-|

Oshinari:Ready for the hardest Part of your life??

Yui: Sure I guess…

Oshinari:I wanna see what you got so fight me ok kid???

||Yui gets in a stance||Oshinari gets in a stance||