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Full Version: How would one make a Burst "Compact" Combo?
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Knockout[This makes for some nice compacts - Knockout Diabolos Blitz Zn'+Z can prove quite irritating for Zwei for example. There may be better ways to use it still, but it is at least a useful addition to the toolbox.) quoted from @th!nk

Compacts were a staple of plastic generation combos, and now apparently you can do this in Burst? i get the basic idea of a compact, but could someone name a combo that could be considered one?
No other "Compact" combos come to mind. The general idea of compact is to have large density in small volume. Knockout achieves this by having metal on the layer while not expanding outwards to make its compact build to just become CWD. (The metal distribution is directly under the weight so that would differ from the metal placement on Zwei). Perhaps you could count Dead Hades as compact given its small build and metal placement throughout the bey.