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Full Version: Thank you Morita
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Remember #ThankyouSakurai? Now to post thank you messages abt the end of Burst.

Thank you Mr. Morita for introducing me to Valtryek and this amazing franchise. You've created the longest Beyblade series to date, I have no idea how TT can make it better.
I wish you good luck in all your future endeavours!
Morita you are legend, thank you.
Thank you Morita for this epic series, I am glad i could be a fan for this series and it will have a epic place in my heart.
Thank You Hiro - Sensei For this amazing work you have put into this amazing series! Would have loved it for a continuation, But yeah every good thing has to end one day. Good Luck for your future projects Hiro - Sensei!
*insert military music* *sad salute*
Hiro! Thank you for bringing Beyblade Burst to us! I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you for the happiest moments I made with Burst and how it'll always have a Special Spot in my Heart! You're amazing for doing this for so long!!