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Full Version: Random Dragoon F Testing
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Testing out a couple of combos:

5 Battles

Dragoon F Armed Mobius-SP vs. Neptune Heavy Absorb

Dragoon F Armed Mobius-SP: 3 wins (1 KO, 2 OS)

Neptune Heavy Absorb: 2 wins (2 OS)1 draw

Dragoon win percentage: 60%


Dragoon F Armed Volcanic-S (weak launched) vs. Neptune Heavy Absorb

Dragoon F Armed Volcanic-S:  3 wins (1 KO, 2 Bursts)

Neptune Heavy Absorb:  2 wins (2 OS)

Dragoon win percentage: 60%

i'd say these combos are fairly even(and no i am not lying when i say that Dragoon burst Neptune twice)