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Full Version: (Selling my whole lot)
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I am selling about 50 beyblades it comes with some good beyblades.
some are
2.Driger V2
3.Voltiac ape
and more if your looking for some of these I can give it to you.
I'll sell it for about 175$ dollars to the most or 150$ because Gabriel its self is worth 50$.
Have fun getting someone outside of eBay paying $150 for a whole lot of beys from a seller with (virtually) no reputation.
Godspeed, good fellow.
Perhaps you would have a better chance to sell these blades separately.
Also naming some that you can identify or ask people here to identify some of them so people can buy certain beys they like. Do you have any Dranzer's? It would be good if you uploaded a few pics of the lot.
Also you could post a pic of the whole lot so people could see what exactly you are selling.
I already included that in my post.
Not really. if people are buying a lot, they want to know everything in it : /
I will upload pictures Sunday my internet was disabled for 1 and a half month I couldn't do anything sorry people and I will sell on Ebay so good look getting it.