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Full Version: Beyblade Burst DB Episode #47 (February 11, 2022)
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47. A Great Uproar! Hell's Gate!!
Dai haran! Makai no mon!
Air Date: 2022/02/11
Really, Bell vs Basara?
What happened? (Zankye ep review not up BTW at the time of writing)
Since DB is concluding up at this point, it'll be the last Bell Vs Basara we'll see. (The battle that started DB) it'll be worth seeing how much Basara has really improved since joining Rashad and not just being a Rashad stan like Ilya, so I'm all for it.

Prediction: Episode 48/49 will be Valt vs Rashad, 51-52 will finally be the long awaited battle (can't believe they made us wait almost half a season for this) with some fillers in between.
Devs, I had to standardise some Vietnamese vandalism on ep 24 and made it (almost) perfect, take it away!

(Feb. 04, 2022  8:22 AM)DranzerX13 Wrote: [ -> ]47. A Great Uproar! Hell's Gate!!
Dai haran! Makai no mon!
Air Date: 2022/02/11
They were so close to making a smash reference...
(Dainranto 大乱闘)=>Dainranto Smash Brothers is SSB in JP.
I honestly prefer this over Valt vs Rashad as we obviously know the outcome if those 2 battle. At least here, things are going to come full swing as this is likely the last Bell VS Basara battle we'll get in DB and this is the battle that kicked DB off like 45 said. Obviously Bell is going to win but i don't think we're going to see Basara and Bahamut lose so easily.

plus it does seem Basara might go back to Bells side and we will see the avatar of Bahamut again at long last.
Thats an interesting turn of events. I wonder if their going to give Rashad double lost cause his batting Bell again most likely the last match of db . But what about Valt cause I wonder if the plan for Bell to fight him one last time like Rashad. Just hope its not rushed like Payne who's arc kind of got Rushed overall
Did y'all notice that Shu is gone again? 😂
(Feb. 04, 2022  8:38 PM)45° Wrote: [ -> ]Did y'all notice that Shu is gone again? 😂

Well thats what happen to certain characters who are so popular that writers can do whatever they want with them Haha . Its something very common
next weeks episode is going to be good

i cant wait