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Full Version: Superking Chips (excluding Valkyrie/Longinus/Spriggan/Solomon/Sun God Chips)
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(Chip) is a Superking Chip released as part of the Superking layer System. It was debuted in JP with the release of (Original product).
(Chip) is a Right/Left Spin Superking Chip that depicts (namesake). It is a simple chip with 2 hooks meant to lock the Superking Layer Beyblade together. However, the sheer similarity of most of them makes them similar to Bit Chips from the Original series and Face Bolts of the Metal Saga, where it is up the blader's choice to pick one to use, though like the latter Chips with Metal are preferred.
(Chip)'s simple design and similarity to most chips makes it outclassed by chips containing metal such as Hyperion 2, Helios 2, Lucifer, as well as Valkyrie and Longinus for better Burst Resistance.

As such, (Chip) is meant for collection purposes only.