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Full Version: Cupid's Diving Arrow
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Love is in the air? Let's send some Beys flying instead! Come duke it out in another Metal Fight Limited Tournament hosted by yours truly.

Date: February 20th 2022

Participant Cap: 16

Time: 12:00 PM Start (Please arrive 15 minutes to half an hour early for registration!)

Location: Newton Park  31 West Garden Avenue, Winter Garden FL, 34787

[Image: 4pZiR6Rz4GvhZaaYx-lOgGYC9A57_eVn9awa1yAJ...togILJgqj2]

Format: Metal Fight Limited (Ranked) in Burst Standard stadiums B-33

[Image: nDW4gR53jWTeKgjBHh7-osxh1bmGHfk9rXr6GebJ...LfrSaLJ9oS]
Format Rules: Metal Fight Format Rules — World Beyblade Organization - Google Docs

Shopping Resources: Currently, the Metal Fight series is facing an epidemic of fake Beyblade products which are not allowed to be used for play at WBO events. Typically, these products are of lesser quality and may cause health risks to you or other players due to the amount of lead content in them (more details here). Official Metal Fight products are made by Takara Tomy, Sonokong, Hasbro, and Newboy. Below is a list of sellers from within our community that have Ebay stores you can purchase authentic products from.





Don't forget to check out the Bey Marketplace within the WBO as well!

Florida Covid Resources: Home - Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Outbreak (
This event has been approved.
Hi all, for whatever reason the image showing where the pavilion is won't work. The pavilion is located in-between Tanner Hall and Little Hall. There will be signage at both park entrances to direct you.

Edit: Got the map working above, signage will still be posted the day of!
Excited for another MFB tournament. The weather should be nice for this one. Joyful_2 Challonge is live! and it looks like the weather will be a lot kinder to us this time around! [Image: 5rXoDSsO5nDgPEIH0l0mKtxmu163oXbS0AL4qDfg...6V_Qv2GeFw]
Hi all turns out I rented the pavilion for the wrong day.we are now in the Gazebo next to the lake Look for the red stadium holders.
(Feb. 20, 2022  5:39 PM)Trsal Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all turns out I rented the pavilion for the wrong day, we are under the tree directly in front of the pavilion in the center of the park. Look for the red stadium holders.
just figured out i can’t come a minute ago, sorry man.
Had a great time today guys! Loving playing Metal Fight again.

Shoutout Top 4 Goons:

1. FireKingArd
2. Cscramon
3. CosmoDragon
4. Donnell gates

The boys brought their A-game today.
This matches for event have now been processed.