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Full Version: Performance Tip- Wave’
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The performance tip Wave’ originally debuted in the B-188 Astral Spriggan Customize Set on August 7th, 2021.

Wave’ is one of the tallest drivers to ever exist. It features a large thick plastic ring surrounding the driver near the top. This extends into a more thin, and rather spiky from the sides, piece near the bottom. This piece has a small stick attached to it similiar to the fusion driver. However, because this stick is very small and the large diameter of the ring is to high from the ground, this driver is not as fast as fusion and doesn’t have very good LAD. Wave’ also contains a golden spring which enhances the burst resistance of the combo you use it on. Wave’s height makes it a Top Tier driver for destabilizing other sharp tipped drivers with wide bases like the popular bearing driver and revolve driver. Wave’s height can also be used to create some disc to layer contact combinations if paired with the right width of a layer. As well, wave’ has not Top Tier but very good stamina against something that won’t get destabilized. However this driver also come with some pretty big weaknesses. Because of its height and very small point of contact with the stadium, it becomes extremely easy to knock onto its side and it’s large ridge begins to scrape the stadium. And while easily destabilizing sharp tip and flat tipped drivers, because of its small tip it becomes easily destabilized by ball tip drivers like atomic or orbit metal. 

Wave’s height and destabilization capabilities along with its strong burst resistance, high stamina, and decent defense make it not a must have but is a welcome addition to any blader’s collection.