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Full Version: Armor Tip - Quake
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Quake is the armor tip counterpart to the Performance Tip of the same name. Like other Armor Tips, it can be attached to [color=var(--theme-link-color)]QuadDrive[/color] Performance Tips via two attachment points. When attached to a QuadDrive Performance Tip, it is referred to as the "Plus Mode", essentially replacing the QuadDrive Performance Tip as the main contact point with the Beystadium. The subsequent height becomes similar to that of a [color=var(--theme-link-color)]SpeedStorm[/color] Performance Tip.

While Quake is mostly just a one-to-one recreation of its basis, the off center flat has been removed. This causes Quake to lose its intended hoping gimmick, but this doesn’t make it a better Armor tip for Attack in any way, as it’s still off centre and the increased height causes it ti be easily destabilised.
Even among other Tips, Quake sticks out as one of the most useless ones, as it’s off balance design makes it near useless for any combination.

As such, it is meant for collection purposes only.