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Full Version: Layer Weight - Go
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Go (轟) is a Layer Weight released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Gatchinko Layer System. It debuted in Japan with Judgement "Drago" Valkyrie Zenith Quake' Go as a CoroCoro exclusive booster.


Goku is an asymmetrical Layer Weight, where one side is filled completely, akin to Sen or Goku, and one side has almost no metal, akin to Ten. This renders it extremely imbalanced, which renders it severely niche for any sort of combination, and even then, only for Attack, as Go severely reduces the Stamina of any combination. A small niche use is on the Judgement Layer Base, with Operate'. This allows the combo featuring these parts to jump violently, allowing for Knockouts if used properly. However, the Judgement base is better used on a more consistent combination, as if you do not hit early with this jumping combination, it is almost certain that you will lose. Another issue with this is Operate' tends to knock itself out. One can also use certain stationary drivers such as Nothing or Zone'+Z, or regular attacking drivers such as Xtreme' for similar results with slightly less risk of self-knockout, but you're still better off with Goku or most other layer weights.


Go's unbalanced nature renders it unusable on most combinations, as it reduces both Stamina and Defense potential. It has potential for niche usage on Attack combinations, but are far better suited with Goku or Diabolos 1. Therefore, Go is recommended for collection purposes only.