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Full Version: It’s triple, quadruple, no it’s…(Canceled)
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WBO COVID Regulations 

NC COVID Regulations 

Onslow County COVID Regulations 


11:15-11:45: On site registration 

11:45-11:55: Rule Overview

12:00: Prompt Tournament Start Time

Come out and enjoy some fun Beyblade battles!!! We will be using the WBO 3v3 ranked format. Looking forward to seeing you there 😎


1st Place: Takara Tomy B-194-1 Devil Belial Giga Mobius-3 

2nd Place: Takara Tomy B-194-6 Galaxy Pegasus Legacy Xtreme’ W/ F and V Gear

3rd Place: Takara Tomy B-194-3 Guilty Spriggan Outer Never-2

Prizes will be distributed with 1st place choosing first, second choosing second and third choosing third.

16 participants cap
This event has been approved.
This event is canceled
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