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Full Version: 1-22-22 "Vero Beach Blading #3" Tournament Report
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This is a report for "Vero Beach Blading #3" a Ranked Standard tournament Co-hosted by and .

It was a very cold day, sprinkling on and off. I left my house in the morning to check on the area and make sure it was covered. The medals and prizes arrived just in time. Sadly, some of our participants went through an unfortunate dealing on the way (woulda' loved to have you there ). We got a total of 6/11 participants, not including our backup players who came and filled it up.

We started a bit late, almost an hour, but we finished in less than 2 hours. Each player got 7 battles and faced everyone there. Yes, I rematched Fireblaze. I ended ep winning against him, but it was a great match and could have gone either way. Some of my favorite matches:

Myself vs. -Fireblaze-
El_Jefe_Loco vs. -Fireblaze-
Myself vs. King_Hyperion
Overall, it was a great tournament. Congrats to for making it all the way to finals, and he didn't even think he would make top 4! I ended up going undefeated this tournament, and fireblaze got 3rd place. Can't wait to battle you all again!