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Full Version: Getting rid of MFB Beystadium Standard Type, want 3 or more MFB
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Up for grabs is a complete used MFB Beystadium Standard type, with all fences and floors.

The stadium itself has been used, but it's quite clean.

Act now and I'll throw in Earth Aquila 145WB with a Red Metal Face!
any mfbs?
So the standard stadium being the one with reversible sides for either the Stamina or Balance stadium floors?
Is it the purple Aquila?
Yes,yes and yes.
about where are you in the world? my descision my change depending on what region your in
USA, Massachusetts.
This sounds good. I have 3 MFB I wouldn't mind parting with for a decent stadium.

Can I see some pics?
What MFB do you want?
(Jun. 24, 2010  9:19 PM)Corey Wrote: [ -> ]What MFB do you want?

Hey doesn't care as long as you have three up for trade
Someone should send him light wheels.