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Full Version: Blade - Berserk
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Berserk is a Blade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the QuadDrive System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Wrath Fafnir F7 & Berserk Linwyrm L7 Dual Pack.
Berserk is a a Right Spin Blade with 2 long segmented blades as well as a smaller variant of it. As part of the QuadDrive System, it can switch between Apex and Core Modes by swapping the position of the Gravity Ring from the top of the Blade (Apex) to below it (Core).

Design wise, Berserk appears to be the QuadDrive version of Super, whose design Berserk references. The angled contact points improve its Upper Attack Potential by allowing it to knock the opponent's Layer upwards when colliding, which increases the chances of it knocking out the opponent. While it lacks Super's thick underside for improved Burst Resistance, compounded further by its Light Weight, Berserk performs well in Attack Combinations.

==Use in Attack Combinations==
Berserk can be used in the Attack combination Berserk Nemesis N7/Belfyre B7 Nexus-Q/Ciquex-Q/Giga-Q Xtreme/Hunter. The high speeds of Xtreme/Hunter boost Berserk's Knockout Potential while the Strong Drive chips reduce the Burst rate. The heavy weight of the aforementioned discs in Core Mode helps increase its power while retaining more stamina.
QuadDrive Layers are heavily outclassed by Takara Tomy releases from the Cho-Z layer System and onwards.

As such, Berserk is meant for collection purposes only.
Berserk is outclassed by God/Switchstrike Layers such as Nightmare Longinus/Sieg Xcalibur due to its Low Weight. However, in terms of Attack Blades, the increased recoil of Salvage and lack of utility of Destruction makes it one of the better ones.

As such, Berserk is not a must have but is a welcome addition to any blader's collection.
Berserk is not allowed in this format.
As such, Berserk is meant for collection purposes only.