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Full Version: Blade - Gilded
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Gilded is a Blade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the QuadDrive System. It debuted in western countries with the release of the Magma Roktavor R7 & Gilded Balderov B7 Dual Pack.
Gilded is a hexagonal Blade, much like the Vex Ring. As part of the QuadDrive System, it can switch between Apex and Core Modes by swapping the position of the Gravity Ring from the top of the Blade (Apex) to below it (Core). Like its predecesor, Baldur, each side of the hexagonal shape alternates between a shield like protrusion and a smaller one. That said, compared to Baldur, said blades are sharper and more aggressive and severely increasing recoil significantly, resulting in significantly worse Defense potential. This is excabarated by Gilded’s wide design, which exposes multiple weak spots for attackers to strike and weaken it significantly. While Gilded is one of the heavier Hasbro blades, it’s stamin is too Low for it to be viable.
QuadDrive System Layers are heavily outclassed by releases from Takara Tomy in the Cho-Z Layer System and onward. 
As such, Gilded is meant for collection purposes only.
Gilded’s high recoil and Low stamina make it outclassed by most Layers in the format, and Hasbro’s Cyclone, which can retain stamina better.

As such, Gilded is meant for collection purposes only.
Gilded is not allowed in this format. 
As such, Gilded is meant for collection purposes only.
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