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Full Version: Performance Tip - Needle-Q
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Needle-Q is a Performance Tip released as part of the QuadDrive System. It debuted with the release of Stone Nemesis N7 Ciquex-Q Needle-Q+A03-G06.


Needle-Q is a Defense-type tip, with small bumps on the area surrounding the tip. Since it is part of the QuadDrive system, it is modified to hold Armor Tips. Something that is immediately apparent is that Needle-Q is akin to Needling-SP, where instead of the driver being a ball, similar to the original version, it is instead flattened. This is meant to increase motion in QuadDrive stadiums. Needle was already outclassed, however, the flat tip of Needle-Q renders it even worse. Other flat tips serve the role it would better, it has too low stamina and KO resistance to be effective for Defense, and it does not have the best spring.


Needle-Q seems identical to the original Needle at first, however, the differences between the tips renders Needle-Q even worse than the already outclassed Needle. Therefore, Needle-Q should be considered for collection purposes only.