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Full Version: Driger F & Shooters
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Something about this beyblade?
In Beywiki there's nothing about it...
And what about old school's shooters?

You're welcome to write an article about Driger F.
(Jun. 22, 2010  10:26 PM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]

You're welcome to write an article about Driger F.

Thank you very much for link!
I haven't got a Driger F that's because of my question! Smile
If you PM me I'll talk to you about Driger F, I own two and like to think I know something about plastics.

I wouldn't mind writing some articles, I just don't want to format them : |
bumping this so that it can either be closed or actualy have work done on it...
yea i want some work to be done on this so i can learn everything about the bey i will inherit from my cousin!
can somebidy just close this now? no work has been done here
You don't have to bump every bad old draft.
They can die on their own.
sorry. i was going through old drafts so that i may update the missing eys list, and then i found this 1 month later. i will not do this with any other bad drafts