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Full Version: Gravity Ring - G08
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G08 is a Gravity Ring released as part of the QuadDrive System. It debuted with the release of Gilded Balderov B7 Diagron-Q Zephyr-Q+Press-G08.


G08 has 6 square-like blades, with small nubs in-between them. It is functionally a clone of 6, as it is an almost identically shaped Gravity Ring. The main difference is that the nubs are even smaller. In theory, it is supposed to have a even weight distribution to aid stamina. In practice, since all Gravity Rings are plastic, they are all around the same weight, and therefore, the main difference between them is aesthetic. This makes it hard to suggest any Gravity Ring over another, as they do not really affect the weight or distribution of  the combination at all. Furthermore, most QuadDrive layers are rather lightweight and therefore, have no advantages over anything from Takara Tomy's Dynamite Battle system.


Given that all Gravity Rings are plastic, there is no real reason to suggest G08 over any other Gravity Ring. Furthermore, given the rather light QuadDrive layers, you would not find any use for any Gravity Ring in the current competitive format. Thus, G08 should be considered for collection purposes only.