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Full Version: Savannah's Holiday Tournament II (Hasbro only)
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This is a Burst Hasbro Only event. Please refer to the rulebook link below to review the game play rules for the event:

Hope we can gather our Hasbro beyblades and have fun in the first ranked hasbro only tournament in Florida. Please make sure that you understand only Hasbro beyblades are allowed, no Takara Tomy.

Participant Cap: 09
Format: Burst Standard (Ranked)  Round Robin
Format Rules:


Time: 10:30 PM (Please arrive half an hour early for registration) 


Other Notes: We should have about 2 Standard Stadiums on hand, but if you would like to bring one for free play you are more than welcome to. We will set an area aside for free play. 

There is a restroom on site, so no worries there. 

Should be plenty of seating at this particular location, but bring a folding chair if you'd like.
This event has been approved.
This is a hasbro only tournanent....:-)
(Dec. 18, 2021  11:29 PM)Cscramon Wrote: [ -> ]This is a hasbro only tournanent....:-)

Good luck man!
Good luck everyone
Pro Series allowed ??
(Dec. 19, 2021  12:47 AM)Verret.g Blader Wrote: [ -> ]Pro Series allowed ??

Here’s a hint: if it’s ranked, yes. 

The organizer has done unranked hasbro only tournaments where pro series wasn’t allowed.
(Dec. 19, 2021  12:47 AM)Verret.g Blader Wrote: [ -> ]Pro Series allowed ??
 All hasbro products are allowed.
I wish I could go to this
I will be there tomorrow even if weather is bad
(Dec. 21, 2021  2:11 AM)Lulus Wrote: [ -> ]I will be there tomorrow even if weather is bad

Please come, we will make it work.

Moving the rest of tourney indoors...

Top 3

Had a great first great tournamen. Good job everyone and hope we can do this again.
SAVANNAH'S HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT II   (hasbro only tournament)
December 21, 2021

Winning Combos

Cscramon 1st LC Perfec Phoenix outer Xtend+
Cscramon 1st debolos Master (left) around Eternal
Cscramon 1st Joker Judgement (sen) blitz jolt (deck only)

bellafrogs 2nd cobra Poison (gen) around xtend+
bellafrogs 2nd cho Z spriggan oo wall bearing
bellafrogs 2nd Luinor Zwei (metsu) sting destroy' (deck only)

Lulus 3rd balkesh B3 0 Bump Bearing
Lulus 3rd Cho z Achilles oo cross xtend+
Lulus 3rd cho z Valtrek zenith destry' (deck)
Lulus 3rd Garuda G3 8 prime proof atomic (deck)

Tournament Spreadsheet below
Hope you come back next year, we can do tourney at store ?
This matches for event have now been processed.