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Full Version: Performance Tip - Generate
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Generate (ジェネレート, Jenerēto) is a Performance Tip released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Gatinko Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-155 Starter Master Diabolos Generate on December 26th, 2019.
Generate is a Performance Tip with an integrated disc. It is a wide Performance Tip, akin to Hybrid and Ignition' before it, but unlike the former 2, it doesn't have a built in motor. The disc like section resembles an altered Upper, with 2 small blades that curve upwards gently, though they are too small to cause any impact on performance.

Generate's most defining feature is the tip itself, being a wider version of Reboot (sans the star shaped tip), unlike Reboot, Generate theoretically should behave more akin to L-Drago Destructor's Final Survive 4D Performance Tip:  when it is launched, centripetal (outward) force causes the two sliders to move outwards which keeps the Accel-esque plastic tip in place, creating a plastic tip that is aggressive,. As spin rotation decreases, the tabs retract and the plastic tip inside ejects and brings it to the center to give a final boost to stamina to outspin the opponent,

While the gimmick does work as intended, it suffers from the same flaws as Reboot as the attack mode is only slightly aggressive (Though it can reach the tornado ridge faster) and the "last burst of stamina" gimmick often activates too late in battle for any use. However, Generate can be useful as Tornado Staller combinations early on in battle due to its traits.

Furthermore, Generate's weight can compensate for its inconsistent gimmick, with its LAD enough to go toe to toe with Atomic, as well as destabilising stationery combinations, while its taller height increases burst resistance by reducing layer to layer contact.
While Generate has an interesting gimmick, its similarities to Reboot flaw-wise may make it mostly useless, but its heavy weight, decent LAD and increased burst resistance makes it useful for the Limited format, where parts that marginalise it are restricted, and deck format, as it can be used to replace good/better parts already used on other combos.

As such, Generate is not a must have but a welcome addition to any blader's collection, but  a must have for those competing in the Limited/Deck formats.
I disagree. In standard yeah it’s useless, in classic it’s banned. But in limited it can be very useful. It’s a bit heavier than common disc+driver combinations, and it’s got good enough lad to beat atomic LAD level combos and below. It’s attack mode is very fast and can be useful for stalling and beating same spin mid-level to low level stamina types and possibly even some REALLY light launched opposite spin LAD beys. It’s also useful against same spin stationary beys like bearing combos to tilt them on their plate and kill their stamina. It’s higher height also reduces layer to layer contact helping burst resistance and the large metal ring makes contact instead of the layer. It is a bit risky against same spin ridge riding beys and opposite spin LAD beys though, so it’s more a deck format type thing especially since it clears up all your discs and normal drivers for just 2 other combos, that way you won’t have to sacrifice good parts on one combo for bad parts on another