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Full Version: Energy Layer -Storm Pegasus (Poliwag ver)
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 Storm Pegasis (ストームペガシス, Sutōmu Pegashisu) is an [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Energy Layer[/color] released by [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Takara Tomy[/color] as part of Metal Fight Beyblade's 10th Anniversary for the [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Burst System[/color]. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-140 [color=var(--theme-link-color)]Random Booster Vol. 15[/color] on April 27th, 2019.
Storm Pegasus is an adaptation of the Hybrid Wheel System’s Pegasus I Face Bolt, Pegasus I Energy Ring and Storm Fusion Wheel meant for teh burst system. It is a very faithful remake of all 3, except features them moulded together into 1. Unlike its basis, teh metal is only featured underneath the layer as opposed to on the blades as well. It features 3 tall teeth that can withstand its recoil.

For its time, Storm was a good Fusion Wheel for Attack , and this remake theoretically should keep said abilities due to how faithful it is to the original. However, the mere 19.3 g layer makes it near outclassed by the heavier layers, much like Storm in the current MFB meta, and it’s barring from Limited and Classic makes it rather hard to use competitively. 
Storm Pegasus is a good layer for smash Attack, but is outclassed by various parts released with the Gatinko, Superking and Dynamite Battle Layer Systems. Compounded with its ban for formats that marginalise these newer parts, it is not worth using this layer outside of the GT/Cho-Z meta.

As such, Storm Pegasus is meant for collection purposes only.
*The eye stickers on the Energy Wheel have been disappearing every time this layer was released.
*Why were the MFB remakes banned from Limited/Classic?
*Where are the metal?
*Were any of them good? On what combos?