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Full Version: Beyblade Burst App glitch: 'Raging Raktavor'
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As of November 2021, attempting to attach a composite driver to a QuadDrive layer in Core Mode would occasionally result in the nonexistent disc to be labeled as 'Raging Raktavor.' The glitched disc label was marked with Pro Series and QuadDrive. However, the driver still behaves normally in battle and can still execute HyperSphere.
Furthermore, the driver can be exchanged, creating a combo without a disc, and while the arrow select is absent for the nonexistent disc, it can still be swapped using the part menu, allowing for impossible combos such as Destruction Belfyre Nexus Generate-H. 
This glitch was first observed using the above combo by the user LuminousThunder9881.

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I cannot log in since the quad drive update
(Nov. 28, 2021  8:04 PM)PikaBeyblade Wrote: [ -> ]I cannot log in since the quad drive update

same thing happened to me had to uninstall and reinstall for the app to work again i guess some peoples apps didn't update correctly
EDIT: After further testing, I have found that the glitch occurs on ANY Beyblade layer, not just QuadDrive. However, the glitch may be exclusive to Generate-H.