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Full Version: Blade - Vanish (Takara Tomy)
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Vanish (ヴァンイッシュ, Vanisshu) is a Blade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-185 Booster Vanish Fafnir Tapered Kick-3 on May 29th, 2021.
Vanish, like its predecessor Mirage, is a Left-Spin Stamina Type Ring that features a three-sided shape that depicts three dragon heads and a lot of rubber coating the perimeter. Akin to its predecessors, Vanish has a "F" on each side to represent Fafnir, specifically with the top of the "F" being at the very back of each head and the rest of the "F" being formed by the area in front of the next head. Unlike Mirage, the top of the F is hollowed out.  As part of the Dynamite Battle Layer System, it is compatible with any dual/left spin DB Core and armor to facilitate High and Low Mode.

Unlike every Beyblade part before it, Vanish is almost made solely out of rubber, with 3 hollowed out sections. In theory this is meant to absorb shock akin to Screw Trident and reduce recoil, while in truth this happens as intended, it is rather minor.

Unlike Mirage, Vanish is significantly thicker and heavier, while that would make it more usable in attack combination, the hollow sections make it more recommended for spin equalization combinations.
==Use in Attack Combinations==
Vanish can be used in the Attack combination Vanish Fafnir/Bahamut/Longinus/Spriggan Karma/Nexus Destroy'/Quick'/Xtreme' -3. The 3 armor focuses weight on 3 points of Vanish for more concentrated power while the strong locks of the Cores mentioned helps reduce the rate of self bursts against a same spin opponent. Karma/Nexus decently light weight helps with the speed of Destroy/Quick'/Xtreme'.
==Use in Spin Equalisation combinations==
Vanish can be used in the spin equalisation combination Vanish Fafnir/Bahamut/Spriggan/Longinus Over/Giga Bearing'/Drift-0/6/10. The high OWD of the armors helps Vanish retain more stamina and the strong teeth of the cores helps increase burst resistance. Furthermore, Bearing'/Drifts' poor knockout resistance is mitigated by Vanish's own weight as well as that of Giga/Over, allowing them to outspin an opponent.
Vanish's heavy weight and spin absorption abilities make it one of the best  Blades for spin equalisation while its rubber structure allows it to perform well in left spin attack. While Guilty has somewhat outclassed it in the latter category while Astral has outclassed its in the former, Vanish is  a safer option against the former Blade than the latter blade in same spin matchups due to its thicker perimeter and weight.
As such, Vanish is a must have for competitive bladers.
You misspelled "Equalization" and "Compatible"
attack??? ive never seen it for attack. also... why karma? i have only ever seen karma on combos with tall tips like quattro that aim to hit the opponent with karma's spikes
Astral Fafnir Mirage was so sthin but had attack potential, hence why I said its good for attack. Furthermore, Karma is light, so it helps with mobility (but that's not awlays the case *cough* Kirby in SSB *cough*)
Is there anyone else that can speak to Vanish's viability in Attack-focused combos? Maybe I'm missing it but I don't see anyone testing it for that purpose in this thread.

I would imagine that its soft rubber construction and rounded shape would cause it to absorb  or deflect hits far more than it can deliver them. I would especially draw attention to its primary contact points, which are hollowed out, specifically for shock absorption.
Kaizoku Burst becuz I assumed since Mirage's draft mentioned its good for attackUnhappyWhile this would make it easy to knock out, it allows Mirage to work well in Mobile Attack Combinations), so I assumed the thocker Vanish would be able to do better.