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Full Version: Performance Tip - High Xtend+'
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High Xtend+' (ハイエクステンドプラスダッシュ, Hai Ekusutendo Purasu Dasshu) is a Performance Tip released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-192 Greatest Raphael Over High Xtend+' on November 13th, 2021.
High Xtend+' is a modified version of the Xtend+ Performance Tip. Like its predecessor, High Xtend+' features an adjustable tip at a standard height with three settings; Attack, Defense and Stamina, akin to an expanded Fusion, Original series change base or the X:D 4D tip from MFB. As its prefix implies, it is slightly taller thanks to a black chip between the lock and the tip itself.

The Attack Setting features a wide, hollow flat tip, wider than Assault and akin to Zephyr that is slightly taller than most Performance Tips. Due to the surface area of this setting, High Xtend+' will create a highly aggressive movement pattern with speeds greater than Assault. However, the wide diameter of the tip makes it difficult to maintain a banking pattern and creates relatively low Stamina, making the setting ill-suited for both traditional Attack and Tornado Stalling Combinations. Furthermore, due to its smooth perimeter, it is prone to skipping the ridge, prompting the Blader to have toThe increased height also prevents destabilisation potential, despite the height increased meant to increase attack power.

The Defense Setting features a low angle, stepped cone tip, akin to X Drive's Stern Semi Defense, again taller than most Performance Tips. Due to the stepped cone, when a High Xtend+' Combination is struck and reaches higher on the Stadium's slope, the flat edge of the tip will create a second point of contact, briefly increasing friction and aggression to both slow down the Combination and counter attack. However, due to the edge of the tip being made of plastic rather than rubber like in Unite and smooth rather than tabbed like in Defense, the effect of the second point of contact is minimal, creating poor Knock-Out Resistance, making it poor for defense.

The Stamina Setting features a low angle cone tip, akin to Trans' Stamina Setting at a standard height of most Performance Tips. Due to the low friction, High Xtend+' creates acceptable Stamina. Of the three settings, Stamina has the best performance.
In all three settings, the tip's low angled base and wide diameter grant High Xtend+' high Life-After-Death potential, comparable to (Metal)Drift, Zone'+Z and Bearing(').
While the increased height makes it easily destabilised theorretically, the low lying design of most DB Forge Discs somehwat mitigates that issue. Like mots dash drivers, High Xtend+' features a stronger spring lock that enhances burst resistance.
==Use in Spin Equalisation Combinations==
High Xtend+' can be used in the spin equalisation combination Vanish Fafnir/Bahamut/Longinus/Spriggan (or Dynamite+F Belial I/Belial II/Perseus/Spriggan) Over High Xtend+'-0/6/10. The rubber on the blades helps with spin equalisation while the strong locks on the cores mentioned helps increase burst resistance with the metal of Perseus and the high OWD of Over and the armors boosting its stamina. Over also synergises with High Xtend+', for its low lying nature prevents High Xtend+' from becoming destabilised while reducing scrape risk due to how tall High Xtend+' is.
While High Xtend+' is theoretically a very versatile Tip with three different mode settings, in practice the alterations made to the tips of the Attack, Defense and Stamina Settings makes them lag behind their closest equivalents. Furthermore, all three Settings are heavily outclassed in today's metagame. However, High Xtend+' boasts some of the highest Life-After-Death potential in the game and with the option for Attack available with most of the Life-After-Death intact, High Xtend+' is one of the best choices for Stamina and Stamina-based Balance Combinations, especially considering how its increased height makes it less of a scrape risk compared to the original on the dominant Giga and Over.
As such, High Xtend+ is a must have for competitive bladers.
It seems like you modified this from the Xt+ entry, eg your first sentence mentions HXt+' being an addon to Xt, which isn't accurate. There's also no mention of HXt' being an option, and the discussion doesn't highlight the synergy between HXt+' and Over (at least, as I understand to be the case so far). In both this and Xt+ I would mention attack mode tends to skip the ridge, which is probably the biggest limitation (it can be made use of, but it requires practiced launching). Also, while I realise it is similar to X: D, I'm not sure many current readers are going to understand a fairly mediocre part from MFB as a primary comparison point. Then again, I don't know what you would compare to the defense mode unless there is a known burst equivalent - it's technically closest to a Change tip from plastics (Metal Change Base etc) but not quite - maybe a description as an expanded Fusion? The idea is very similar. More comparison to modern drivers in general is needed too, Eternal and Atomic don't really see significant use in Standard, so the important comparison will be to Bearing/Bearing', Drift/Metal Drift, and maybe Mobius and Zone'+Z. Also a comparison between Wh.Xt+ and Ov.HXt+' might be warranted in terms of how the LAD translates - as Xt+ LAD is super Disc dependent, it is something that needs to be considered with HXt+'.

Lastly, there's minimal testing so far - mine gets here tomorrow, but what I've taken so far is from private discussions and discord mostly, as well as looking at some stuff on the forums. As much as your work here is appreciated, it might be best to wait a little until there's more in depth consensus on the part and its synergies with certain setups before writing the draft - no offense meant, but it's better we take a month or so longer before doing it (I know it's not gonna happen, but I would like to have articles up for any new releases 1-2 months after release... Not that this has ever really been achieved to my knowledge, and with limited incentive I doubt it will be, but it's a goal - Burst is woefully underdocumented).