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Full Version: Umm.. help?
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This is a stark departure from my usual drafts, but I realised traffic in this forum is ridiculously low in spite of the many drafts I have pumped out. Can you guys please just nitpick all the unused drafts and ensure they are of utmost relevancy so we don't have to use the placeholder text anymore? Becuz the loneliness is driving me up the wall.
Idk where I should put this so I put it here. I've seen that a lot of people are telling you to write on beys that you have but I have an alternative idea: Contact someone who already has the bey and ask them about the pros and cons. Then, you can whip up your drafts because you're a good writer.
Hah, I see not too much has changed in this subforum. Anyhow, PastaSauce has a point - maybe wait before rushing with drafts or go back and look into testing on your old ones, pop into the discord and ask (not constantly) for current info on the parts etc... And generally the rule used to be that you had to own the part to write the draft. Doesn't look like anyone really wants to though so I don't really know how practical a request that is any more.

To be honest I just wanna go through and fix the tonnes of instances of "recoil" being used instead of "power" or "smash attack", ie as a positive property. Drives me batty.

One thought I have is that people could list out points about parts rather than writing full articles, similar to how I do plasticsdb, and then someone could go through the points and flesh it out into an article? That was actually the original intent of plasticsdb, but now it's fully independent so, it stays as is - could work here tho!