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Full Version: Oct-30-2021: "Vero Beach Blading #2" report
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This is a tournament report for Vero Beach Blading #2, a swiss tournament on October 30th, 2021.

- The weather was nice. Not too hot, not too cold. It rained a little in the beginning. Good call for recommending the pavilion, even though it was a very close call. I had a ton of people cancel the day before and the day of.

- As I was starting the 11 person round robin, I had a ton of more people show up. Lots of people without accounts. It's crazy, I don't know how they found us! Right on time, I had 7 more people register and make it an 18 person swiss, luckily. The tournament ran fairly quickly, once it started. I had a TON of epic battles here. I will share them below. We had tons of new players and some returning players. Trsal beat me this time, but it was a close match. I went 3-2, along with my dad who was new, barely making the top 8. He had to go up against Conce7 unfortunately, who was too hot to stop. He won all his battles, making it to the finals. I did too, for the first time making top 3.

- My favorite matches:

1) Conce7 vs Trsal

This was an epic battle to watch, let alone judge. The combos were Devil Perseus Giga Bearing' (Conce) vs. Dynamite Perseus Over Never (Trsal). They were (Trsal) 2-1, and then Conce switched to HIGH MODE, tying the match 2-2. Trsal did as well, but Conce won again. 

2) Conce7 vs JCE_13

This was the finals match. I was feeling good about my deck, and I'm sure he was too. I started with Vanish Tapered Bearing, He started with Guilty stock, and burst me in the first battle. I switched to my beast combo, Guilty on Drift. He burst me again. I was down 4-0. I scored 3 points bringing it up to 4-3, then I burst him. It turned out, reviewing the footage, that it was a pocket burst. The score was tied 4-4, and Conce came out on top with the KO.

- Overall, I think it was a great tournament, and I had a blast. Second was very impressive to me, as it's the best I've done before. Conce really surprised us all with an 8-0 win, and I hope you guys don't underestimate him anytime soon because he can PLAY.