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Full Version: Beyblade Burst: Mission: Time Clock (canceled, I know I have a problem with canceling
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After 5 years from the events from BU, a new hope of light arrives, a 11 year old named Benshiki Koraslash created a new system.

Creation System:

-Creation Core

-Creation Ring

-Creation Blade

-Protective Armor



-Driver Armor

Main Character's Bey:

Creation Gemino. Chaotic. Xtend+-Requiem
well this failed!
(Oct. 31, 2021  1:02 AM)Dragon Blader Z Wrote: [ -> ]well this failed!

Considering this is just the system (for now), I can see why people didn't reply. Btw, you also didn't explained what each part do.
Ok, I'll explain

Creation Core- It's like the DB Core, but the core gets more teeth and stamina.

Creation Ring- Basically Sparking Ring, but people can have their own creative design.

Creation Blade- This is used to make the shape of layers round, but before battles, you can only use the blade or ring.

Protective Armor- It's like a single chassis, but there is no teeth on it, it can be used for attack, defense, or stamina modes.

Disc: These disc have a round and Nexus mode for defense, and stamina.

Driver: The Drivers can have a attachment to give the layer or just the driver a gimmick like Requiem which Belgium's driver gets 3 modes, and layer can be left or right.

Driver Armor: It's the attachment for the driver giving it gimmicks.
Sounds interesting
Custom Releases:

Pre-Time Clock: Devastation Necromancer. Axel. Zeta-5

B-200- Hectic Satan. Chaotic. Drift-Ogre.  (February 2022)

B-201- Creation Gemino. Chaotic. Xtend+-Requiem. (March 2022)

B-202- Piercer Valkyrie. Blade. Power-Spirit. (April 2022)

B-203- Tri-wing Ragnaruk. Storm. Never-Stamina. (May 2022)

B-204- Reverser Fafnir. Giga. Absorb-Spin. (June 2022)

B-205- Absurd Longinus. 3A. Spiral-Insane. (July 2022)

B-206- Solar Belial. Pain. Venture+V-Material. (August 2022)

B-207- System Parvos. Tech. Dimension-Ability. (September 2022)

B-208- Paladin Achilles. Heroic. Balance-Knight. (October 2022)

B-209- Ravage Raphael. Enchanted. Wrath-Rift.  (November 2022)

B-210- Whirlwind Knight. Windwaker. Never-Flight.  (December 2022)

All the releases so far

Praise is the antagonist


1) Reaper of Light! Creation Gemino

2) Training Session! Together to Fight

3) Challenger Approaching! Benshiki's First Battle

4) News Flash! A Sinister Blader

5) Team Rename! From Big 5 to Bravery 6
Cant wait to read a chapter when you decide to release, im still kind of confused but nothing a little story telling can't fix.
I'll try my best with grammar, dialogue, character descriptions, and more!
Know I haven't done anything yet, but I think I can make the first chapter tomorrow even though I done nothing. Here's the story:

After the events of Burst Ultimate (no anime), bladers were forced to time travel just to save their current world, but once they traveled to the future, they couldn't come back, so they were stuck forever, or so they thought. One blader named Benshiki is trying to save their world still by blading for BeyCoins, or for fun, you now are introduced to the new system, with this new system, you'll have many advantages waiting for you to use.
Belgium? Like the country? Ngl not a fan of the name. Concept of the story is interesting but yeah…
name changed quickly

Episode:1, Reaper of Light! Creation Gemino

Narrator: A young boy named Benshiki is in a futuristic beyblade world called "Vulcan Towers", and he's trying to come back to his old world, where he could learn, have fun, sleep normally without any robots waking him up, and no holographic foods tricking him into thinking they're real.

(Episode starts)

Benshiki: Wow! You have a beyblade that is dual spinning!

???: Yeah, isn't it cool

Benshiki: It is so cool, my mind is going insane, but Kenny, I'll make a beyblade!

Kenny: All right (best way to spell), I'll be waiting for you!

(Benshiki goes outside and a Solar Nightsky happens)

Benshiki: It's night already!

(Benshiki watches the dark, and starry nightsky)

(10 minutes later)

(A mysterious fragment comes falling down from the starry, and dark nightsky)

Benshiki: What is this? It's a beyblade! I'll call you Creation Gemino.

(Benshiki comes back inside)

Benshiki: Look what I found!

Kenny: A beyblade! How that quick!

Benshiki: A mini meteor came falling down from the sky, and revealed this bey.

Kenny: What are you calling it?

Benshiki: Creation Gemino.

Benshiki: Where am I going to battle someone though?

Kenny: I know where! At the Galactic Bey Center, where multiple bladers come every single day

Benshiki: Ok, I'll visit that blading center.

, any ratings, I know this is my first chapter in a long time, but I can improve.